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Internet Trolls Use Texas’ Anti-SLAPP Statute To Collect Money From Their Victims

Last week a court in Tarrant County issued a judgment awarding $1.3 million in attorney’s fees and sanctions against an Internet vigilante in California who is represented by Stone & Vaughan, PLLC. This ruling has already been stayed by the court, which has agreed to hear oral arguments on January 29, 2016. Plaintiffs will then present evidence containing written admissions revealing defendants’ plan to bait someone into filing an unwinnable defamation suit in Texas, specifically to obtain fees under Texas’ broken anti-SLAPP statute.  


Two authors, one copyright

A discussion about how U.S. copyright law deals with jointly authored works and works-for-hire.

Stone & Vaughan Signs Konnectcorp International, Inc.

Our newest client, Konnectcorp International, Inc., is aiming to be the preeminent online distributor of south Indian movies in the United States. Til now, this content has not been available online, legitimately, in the U.S. The company kicked off its U.S. distribution with a handful of films, including the Tamil action thriller, Singam 2.

If someone emails a picture of themselves to me, can I use that picture online?

[This is a question I answered on Avvo awhile back. I wanted to repost it here because it's definitely still relevant.]

Question: My ex boyfriend lied to me about being married. Is it illegal for me to use a picture that he sent me on websites for reporting cheaters?

BitTorrent Litigation

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