Stone & Vaughan Signs Konnectcorp International, Inc.

Our newest client, Konnectcorp International, Inc., is aiming to be the preeminent online distributor of south Indian movies in the United States. Til now, this content has not been available online, legitimately, in the U.S. The company kicked off its U.S. distribution with a handful of films, including the Tamil action thriller, Singam 2.

As the site states in bold letters, the company has "stolen the show from pirates." (yes, that's where Stone & Vaughan, PLLC comes in)

In the first week, my team and I have sent infringement notices regarding over eight-hundred infringing links, removed hundreds of infringing search results from Google, reported PayPal accounts used to sell infringing works and reported apps which advertise and deliver infringing streams of my client's films. This is just the beginning of a major rights enforcement campaign to help ensure that legitimate content finds its way to the fans who are happy to support Indian cinema, now that it's legitimately available online in the U.S.