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Intellectual property (IP) constitutes as much as forty-five percent of the United States GDP and is a necessary component for a modern economy. For intellectual property to retain its value, be viable for investing and to flourish, intellectual property rights must  be enforced. Likewise, new artists and innovators need protection from copyright misuse for the security needed to foster innovation. Through our focus on intellectual property infringement litigation we at Stone & Vaughan defend our clients against improper claims of infringement and enforce our clients' rights in their works of art and innovation when those rights are being exploited. 

The complexity of IP law is remarkable, as is the complexity of federal civil litigation. And there is a tendency for most federal litigators to be just litigators rather than IP litigators, specifically. At Stone & Vaughan, we are IP litigators, first and foremost. And we can afford to be. As a small firm, located in Denton, Texas, our overhead is minimal and our attentions can stay focused. These circumstances keep our fees reasonable and allow us the flexibility to perform certain services at a flat rate and sometimes, even on contingency. Because intellectual property law is our passion, we also take the time to research, write, speak and teach about it, independent of the cases we're working on.